Saturday, April 6, 2013

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 Manchester City manager Roberto Mancini, no matter the punishment endured striker Carlos Tevez. For Mancini Tevez penalty would not affect the Argentine striker's career at the Etihad.

"No," Mancini said Tevez to answer the question whether the punishment affects the player's future at the Etihad as reported by

"I do not talk about it and I think it would not be a problem. Carlos had made ​​a mistake and he paid it. Usually she behaves well," said Mancini.

At the same time, Mancini also did not feel worried if Tevez penalty will give the club a bad image. For the Italian, the player's personal affairs off the pitch there is no relationship with the image of the club itself.

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"No," said Mancini when asked if Tevez penalty affect the image of the club. "It's their personal lives, we can not do anything about it. This can sometimes happen," he concluded.

Carlos Tevez fined perform 250 hours of community service after a traffic violation. Tevez is problematic not only with British traffic police, Samir Nasri is also banned from driving after a late pay penalties due to exceeding posted speed driving.
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