Wednesday, May 22, 2013

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 Aging Chelsea midfielder Frank Lampard admitted that his team did not change in spite of the role players. Stability shown by the players is crucial to Chelsea's capital in the face of a tight season.

Without stability, Chelsea will not get results like this. The Blues itself is successfully sealing the Europa League title after defeating Benfica and able to finish in third at the end of the list of Premier League standings.

"Stability makes us stronger. Look at Alex Ferguson at Manchester United, we all wanted to like it, but whether you agree with the way Chelsea did, trophies that can be seen by everyone, "said Sportsmole Lampad as reported on Wednesday (05/22/2013).

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"Look we won the Champions League last season. We did not win as Barcelona beat United at Wembley 2011 ago. We win with real determination and that same stage that we did in the Europa League. Winning mentality! "Said Lampard.

Chelsea themselves are looking to build a team to be better. News of the return of Jose Mourinho also to some extent will affect the team's condition.
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