Monday, May 6, 2013

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 FC Barcelona midfielder, Andres Iniesta asked the management of the club, so do not do a lot of team reshuffle, in the transfer market next summer.

It was expressed, after helping the Blaugrana grabbed three points in La Liga against Real Betis. Because Iniesta assess if major changes in the squad it would change the pattern a team game, and not necessarily have better outcomes.

Previously, his teammate Iniesta, Gerard Pique believes if his team needed a refresher in some areas. The opinion appears, following their failure in the Champions League, Bayern Munich eliminated after a 7-0 aggregate.

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The comments provoke reaction Spanish international midfielder to take part in giving his opinion.

"When players talk about wanting a change, we refer to the things that will change for the better team. Changes are designed to help us," said Iniesta.

"I believe the core of this team is still able to compete and win the game. Craze We do not need to overhaul next season."
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